Environmental Safety Inc Operates on Successful Business Principles

Succeeding in business from Baiting Hollow on Long Island

Howard Wool runs a highly successful business, Environmental Safety Inc., from Baiting Hollow on Long Island. His success proves that one can run a successful business from virtually any location as long as certain principles are applied.

His location in the beautiful hamlet of Baiting Hollow offers him the lifestyle he enjoys, but it has business benefits too because it offers easy access to New York City and top transportation without any commuting hassles. He has managed to establish a good balance between work life and home life in this stunning location.

What does it take to start and run a successful business? This is a question many people ask, and there is no single answer. Looking at Howard Wool’s journey offers some insight. His first business failed and his second one has been going successful for 12 years, making sales in the seven figures every year. Here are some of the reasons why Howard Wool went from failure to success and has earned the life he leads in Baiting Hollow.

Educate yourself and gain experience

Howard Wool enjoyed chemistry from an early age, studied it and taught it for years before starting his own business. He has 40 years of experience in the industry, and this is one of the reasons for his success – he understands his business, his suppliers, and his customers.

Learn from your mistakes

When Howard started his first company, Shari Chemicals, he knew he had products that people needed – industrial chemical and cleaning supplies. What he didn’t have at the time was the business experience to understand that overhead costs had to be kept to a minimum. The company began running at a loss, and he was forced to close the doors.

He didn’t give up because he had failed and managed to apply the lessons he learned in Environmental Safety Incorporated. Some people tend to make the same mistakes over and over, but Howard avoided this by identifying what he had done wrong and changing to lean business principles.

Identify a need

He also identified a need – people wanted individual attention to problems that larger companies could not supply. He was able to fill this gap and provide solutions to clients by spending time on research, even when the outcome may have lost him a sale. He has developed a very loyal client base because of his advice and the personal relationships he develops with his clients.

Keep overhead costs to a minimum

This may seem obvious, but high overhead costs have been the downfall of many a company. Howard learned this costly lesson and has been rigorous in keeping his overhead costs to a minimum in his current business.

He only has three employees, and he does not work from some fancy corporate office but from a home office above his garage. This enables him to continue to supply high-quality products and offer them to his customers at the right prices.

Focus on relationships here at Environmental Safety Inc

He has also learned that outsourcing non-essential activities can release him to direct his attention to where it’s needed most – his clients, suppliers, his prospective clients and his employees.

Howard believes that many businesses fail because they are more focused on other aspects of the business than on what their clients want and the prices they expect to pay. He constantly asks his clients for feedback and continues to offer them competitive prices.  He has close relationships with his clients and finds that the relaxed office environment in his Baiting Hollow office encourages this.


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